• We are proud to provide each patient and their family with care that is customized to their active (or not so active) lifestyle and needs.  We believe that each patient is different and so are their health care needs.  When you come in for a vaccine appointment, you will see just what we mean.  We do not believe in giving all pets the same vaccines and we offer multi year vaccines for many of our patients.  Dr. Sackman is also a strong believer in "well care".  We encourage each patient to have a bi-annual exam (yes, that is two times a year) and annual laboratory panels to identify potential problems early on , often before they can be identified by an owner.  Every patient is important to us!

  • When your pet is admitted to our hospital for a surgical procedure, you can feel at ease.  Each patient is given a full examination by a Certified Veterinary Technician, and their needs are fully addressed before we begin with their anesthetic plan.  A complete blood panel is performed (if it has not been done recently), an IV catheter is placed, and only the safest anesthetics are used.  Keeping our patients comfortable is a prioriity and each patient is given appropriate analgesia (pain relief) prior to their surger and as needed postoperatively.  Each patient is closely monitored by our staff before, during, and after surgery.  During surgery, patients are monitored with an ECG (electrocardiogram), pulse oximeter (to measure pulse and percent of oxygen), NIBP (non-invasive blood pressure), an esophageal temperature probe (to monitor core body temperature, an apnea monitor (to monitor respiration rate), and a highly trained Certified Veterinary Technician.   Oral pain relievers and anti-inflammatories are often sent home upon release.  When your pet is discharged form the hospital, you will receive complete oral and written after care instructions, and any necessary medications.
Payments are due when services are rendered.  For your convenience we accept: cash, personal checks, visa, mastercard, and discover.  If you have pet insurance we will gladly fill out any insurance forms you may have and fax medical records if needed.
Sackman Animal Hospital was started by Dr. Dawn Sackman in March of 2000.  We provide high quality comprehensive medical and surgical care for dogs and cats.  It is our goal to ensure that every patient and their family feel comfortable and at ease during their visit to the hospital.

Doctor's Hours By Appointment 

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