Our Lobby
While we hope that your wait is as short as possible, we realize that it is sometimes inevitable.  Please come in and make yourself at home!  Our lobby has a fish tank, Direct TV, a play area for the kids, and some reading materials (both educational and entertaining).  We stock many Hill's and Iams (Eukanuba) prescription diets, and other prescription diets for patients as needed.
Our Exam Rooms
Both exam rooms are fully stocked with most everything we need for your routine examinations.  Our staff will try to limit your wait time once in the exam room.  Since we realize that your pet is a part of your family, we try to do most routine procedures with you in the room to comfort your pet.  Each exam room contains an x-ray view box where our doctor can show you your plain film x-rays should they be needed.  Room 2 is equipped with a computer linked to our digital x-ray machine so we can show you any x-rays that we take.
Our Treatment Area
You have many choices when it comes to choosing a veterinarian, we realize that it is often what is "behind the scenes" that counts!   The treatment area is where your pet will stay when hospitalization, surgery, or more involved treatment is neccessary.  Treatment also includes our pharmacy area and our in house laboratory diagnostic center.  Our staff is able to closely monitor your pet during their entire stay in our hospital. This area is among "Navy" and "Zeus's" favorites!

Our Surgical Suite
Surgery is well equipped with monitors including a pulse oximeter, electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG), apnea monitor, Doppler blood pressure monitor, and esophageal stethoscope.  An IV infusion pump ensures that your pet receives the appropriate amount of intravenous fluids during their surgical procedure.  Only the safest anesthetics and equipment are used during our surgical procedures.  Surgery is also equipped with an electrocautery unit, suction unit, and complete dental cleaning and polishing unit.
Our Radiology (X-Ray) Suite
On site x-ray capabilities allow us to give you fast answers to many common problems your pet may experience.  In June of 2010, we upgraded to full digital radiography.  Digital radiographs allow us to get results much faster and with less patient and staff exposure.   We are also able to see things more clearly and magnify questionalble areas in high resolution.  X-rays can now be sent home or to a specialist on a CD or via e-mail, no more large films that you need to return to our office!  Radiology is also equipped with an anesthetic/oxygen machine for patients who require anesthetic or oxygen while their x-rays are taken.
Exam Room 2
Exam Room 2
Exam Room 1
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