Dr. Dawn Sackman, D.V.M. & Owner
Dr. Sackman is a 1986 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Sackman moved to the Chicago area shortly after graduating and began her career at Lincoln-Way Animal Hospital.  She also spent several years practicing emergency medicine at Emergency Veterinary Care South before she opened and co-owned Laraway Animal Hospital in 1994.  In March of 2000, shortly before the birth of her daughter Paige, Dr. Sackman opened Sackman Animal Hospital.  Dr. Sackman has a golden retriever, a labrador retriever, a labrador/border collie, and five cats. In her free time she enjoys going to the zoo and spending time with her friends and family.
Paige,  Future Veterinarian??
Tracy Porter, C.V.T./Hospital Manager
Tracy is a 2001 graduate of the Joliet Junior College Veterinary Medical Technology program. Tracy previously worked with Dr. Sackman at Laraway Animal Hospital, working her way from kennel attendant to receptionist, to veterinary assistant.  Tracy has been employed with Sackman Animal Hospital since March of 2000 (with an absence from March of 2002 until August of 2003).  Tracy has previously worked as a veterinary technician at Emergency Veterinary Care South and Animal Emergency of Mokena and currently works part time at Premier Vet Group as an ER technician.  In her free time, Tracy enjoys spending time with her friends and family, riding her Thoroughbred, website design, enjoying her collector cars, and growing her photography business. Tracy has four cats.
Freak (July 10, 2004-March 24, 2014)
While you may not be able to tell from the pictures, Paige is an aspiring veterinarian!!!  Now her free time is consumed with playing the flute, playing with her friends, swimming, training her dogs, and being a sophomore at Lincoln-Way East!!!
Dr. Jack Engels, D.V.M.
Dr. Engels is a 1982 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Engels is married and has several canine friends and a parrot at home.  He is interested in American history, especially the Civil War period.  Dr. Engels spent 6 years in emergency medicine, prior to traveling to several animal clinics to perform their surgeries. Since September 13, 2007 Dr. Engels has been  performing our routine Thursday surgeries.  Many of you know and love Dr. Engels from previous visits while Dr. Sackman has been out of the office.  Dr. Engels has been an important part of our team for several years now. 
Donna Hudson, C.V.T
Donna is a 2012 graduate of the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College and joined our staff in January of 2013.  Donna's previous experience includes customer service, one year of working at an area emergency hospital, and a veterinary technician externship at Beecher Veterinary Clinic.  Donna passed her VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Examination) in April of 2013 and officially became a Certified Veterinary Technician.  Outside of work, Donna is the mother of 2 children, 3 step-children, 4 dogs, and a cat.  Donna also enjoys spending time at her kids sporting events and activities.
Our Staff
Sherry Hancock, Veterinary Assistant
Sherry joined our staff in March of 2005 and quickly became a part of our family.  Sherry has a background in medical billing and excels in customer service.  She has a special interest in small dogs and goes out of her way to make sure that all patients feel comfortable during their office visit or stay with us.  Outside of work Sherry enjoys traveling with her husband, spending time with her two daughters, and her beautiful grandchildren Gracie and Brandon.  Sherry has a dachshund named Bailey, a pug named Sammy, and a cat named Butterball.
Andrea Fischer, Veterinary Assistant
Andrea joined our staff in November of 2012.  Andrea graduated from the Vet Tech Institute at Fox College in May of 2014.  She is passionate about music and enjoys running, biking, hiking, walking her labrador retrievers, and traveling.  Her dogs Juno and Loki are her absolute best friends.   She also has two cats (Merlin and Luna), a Cockatoo (Chloe), and a tortoise (Blink).  Andrea is a vegan and her FAVORITE time of year is Halloween.
Navy, Resident House Cat
Navy joined our family in December of 2013 after coming in for a neuter and finding his way into our hearts.  Navy has a big personality and a knack for creating trouble.  He enjoys standing on his hind legs, contorting into odd sleeping positions, and stealing our food.  His best friends are Cheech and Chong, our resident chinchillas.
Piper, Resident House Cat
Piper joined our family in July of 2014.  Piper was found on the roadside with her deceased mother by a tech at another animal clinic and was adopted by Sackman Animal Hospital to keep Navy company.  Piper is most often referred to as Navy's baby and spends most of her day being his shadow and learning to be a good clinic cat (we are being optimistic and hoping that Zeus will help with the training).
Freak was our resident house cat from the time she was 6 1/2 weeks old until we lost her unexpectedly to a cardiac issue. Freak was a faithful companion, sympathetic grief counselor, and always willing to show our clients "how to".  Freak was a polydactyl (meaning she had more toes than your average cat) and left her unique paw prints on all of our hearts.
Cheech (white) and Chong (grey), Resident Chinchillas

Cheech and Chong joined the Sackman Animal Hospital family in June of 2015.  They keep us all entertained as they bounce around their cage and munch on their treats.  They love interacting with our staff and our house cats.
Forever in our hearts.  Zeus was our first house cat and a true survivor.  He taught us the value of true friendship and love (you definitely had to earn his). He was a sympathetic grief counselor and the old man who never failed to keep us all in line.  Zeus overcame severe dental disease, diabetes, allergies, and a  bout of liver failure before finally succumbing to kidney disease and old age.
Zeus (August 1, 1997-May 5, 2016)
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