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Adoptable Cats
We will have seven cats available for adoption in the upcoming weeks.  These seven cats were found on an abandoned farm in the Peotone area and will be available for adoption after a brief quarantine period and following viral testing, deworming, receiving their vaccinations, and after their spay or neuter surgeries.  All cats must be adopted to indoor only, approved homes.  Adopter must be a current or past client in good standing or have a client reference and consent of all household members.  Call our office or send an e-mail to tracy(at)sackmanvet.com for more information, to meet the cats, or fill out an application.
Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit:  Black and White Edition
Kenny  Approximately Four Month Old Male
Thomas  Approximately Six Month Old Male
Peter (Snowball) Approximately Six Month Old Male
Smeagol Approximately Six Month Old Male
Sylvester Approximately Six Month Old Male
MaMa  Approximately 18 Month Old Female
Maya Approximately Six Month Old Female
Geoffrey Approximately Six Month Old Male
**Unfortunately, due to a diaphragmatic hernia (a hole in the muscle that separates the chest and abdomen), Geoffrey is not available for adoption.  Geoffrey will be seeing a veterinary surgeon in the coming weeks and if they feel he has a chance of surviving surgery he will undergo the corrective procedure and become a Sackman Animal Hospital clinic cat.
Please visit Geoffrey's page for more information and updates!