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If you would like your pet to appear in the patient gallery, please submit a jpeg photo and any information that you would like to appear on the website to tracy(at)sackmanvet.com.  Please be sure that you have permission to use any photos and that if photo credit is needed you provide a link to the appropriate photographer.
Gunner loves his doctor and staff!
Marlee the pug, her dad's golden child
Stevie the pug, a huge 49ers fan
Chance explores Pike's Peak.
As his owner says, "he took a leak on Pike's Peak"
Chance explores the water!
Oreo, contemplating a ride on the ski lift.
Nothing llike a good book, a cup of coffee, a chair with a view, and your dog.  Oreo
Nutmeg resting comfortably!
Cosmos mid crazy run!
Gander enjoying the snow.
Jemma posing with her soccer ball.
Kaleb enjoys a roll in the snow
Typical Diesel! Sleeping with his tongue out!
Lucy, Rickie, and Zoey in a line up!
Maui and Gizmo say cheese!
Rowand modeling a cowgirl hat!
Vinnie is all smiles when it is time to go to the vet!
Oliver strikes a pose!
Rosey says "Dog is my copilot"
Maddie rides shotgun in style.
The Ruby pack enjoying a walk.
Nutmeg performing her door balancing act!
Oliver's first puppy visit with Dr. Sackman.
Daisy styling in her Key West bandana.
an adorable Jack Russel puppy
Sam and Nemo
Two lovable Larbrador Retrievers
Callie takes a bath
Morry lounges
Molly Rose smiles for the camera
Cody strikes a pose
Kalee and Shelbee practice safe boating
Lexi snuggles with her favorite toy
Lewis models the latest shades
Murphy plays "ham" for a piece of bread
Birdie says cheese
Birdie enjoys her first fall and lots of leaves to chase
Bailey stands at attention for the camera
Bailey enjoys some summertime fun in the pool.
Maggie and Lola brave the snow in the latest winter wear!
It's a dog's life
Lola and Maggie lounge in the pool
Maggie and Lola are sledding pros
Gracy wants Maxton to come out and play
Cashew is 16 pounds of cat in an 8 pound box
Chicken Nugget and friends show off their patriotic side
Bailey, Cocoa, and Princess enjoy some shut eye
Lola, Maggie, and Daisy enjoy a Hawaiian themed Halloween
Abbey and Dutch are attached at the hip
Our patient Officer "Alpha" on the far left with his handler Officer Lanz, and the rest of the Illinois K9 Unit (including our friend, top center, Officer Aron and his handler from Plainfield, and Ellen's uncle, lower center, Officer Dermody and the late Lobo).
Snow Birdie
Duke loves to run on the treadmill
Duke gets in his daily mile
Blossom never parts with her ball
Ziggy mugs for the camera
Daisy a future leader dog hangs out in the office
Kalee is an agility queen
Kalee is an agility queen
Kalee is an agility queen
Kalee is an agility queen
Trixie mugs for the camera.
Trixie is deep in thought!
Duke poses for a winter portrait!
Duke decided that posing for winter portraits is not as fun as running in the snow!
Birdie (cocker spaniel) and her friend Pirahna prepare for a day of work as therapy dogs!
Birdie and Pirahna are ready to provide some much needed comfort and encouragement to nursing home residents!
Nutmeg performs a balancing act on the top of the door!
Nutmeg performs a balancing act on the top of the door!
Meatball rests after spreading lots of Christmas cheer!
Kasey mourns the Bear's playoff loss to the Packers!
Our patient Cassidy was the Pet of the Week in the Frankfort Station!!
Count LOVES posing for pictures!!
Autumn tells Cooper that he needs an ear cleaning!
Sayin' Cheese with Gracie!
Gracie loves her kids!!
Hello!!  Zoey wants to shake hands!!